PerpAlert Tips

The Vigilant Parent, LLC is excited about our new mobile application the PerpAlert.  We want you to have a great experience using it to protect yourself and your loved ones ~ in ALL situations that you may encounter.  Let’s talk about a couple of things you need to be sure are set-up in your mobile phone to be sure everything works correctly.

1.  After you download the app and entered your Unique Code and the app syncs with your membership area, you need to be sure that you have a GPS locator service turned on – otherwise, there will be no GPS coordinates printed on your photos.

– Open up Settings on your phone;
– Find the Icon that says Location Access or other label for location;
– Tap on that to Open and Turn On access to my location;
– Be sure at least one setting has a check mark – GPS satellites, Verizon (or whomever your phone carrier is) location services;
– Please note that each Operating system (Android or iPhone) is a little bit different. If you have questions contact your mobile phone vendor.

2.  The camera operations on each brand of phone is different.  Some phones have the newest and greatest camera and takes pictures really fast.  While many others are older and slower, so it may take a few seconds longer on older phones that have cameras that aren’t quite as fast.  This would affect how quickly the PerpAlert photo’s are taken and emailed.  Also, the flash function may slow down the process a little, as the camera needs to send a message that the surroundings are dark and a flash is needed.  However, even with these variables – PerpAlert is fast and will send the pictures quickly.

3.  We recommend that you ask the Contacts you set-up in your My Accounts section, to TURN ON the alert sound for email notifications, not just for texts.  This way they will be alerted IMMEDIATELY with whatever sound they select as well as the IMMEDIATE notification that they have received a PerpAlert image email .

4.  The speed that the images will be sent are, obviously, impacted by the speed on the network you are using (ie:  3g versus 4g, etc.).  In addition, if you have a weak signal, it may take your phone a few seconds longer to connect to your network to send your pictures.  Again, PerpAlert’s state of the art Instant-link technology will push the phone’s capabilities to respond as physically possible.  If there is no network, the pictures will be sent via MMS text as long as there is a signal.  If there is no signal at all, the images are stored and when you find a signal again – PerpAlert will send the images automatically to the phone numbers listed (for Androids) and for iPhones, the User needs to open text and hit send.

5.  The GPS system is a government based system and PerpAlert has no control over it.  It is a system that is NOT perfect and can have many issues that may impact its accuracy.


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