How To Install

Installation of a mobile application can be challenging to some and a snap to others. We have detailed below a step by step guide on how to install the PerpAlert® on your mobile phone. If you are downloading to a tablet, the instructions will be the same, however the images were designed for a mobile phone. SO, LET’S GET STARTED ! !

  1. Go to either the Google Play Store or to Apple’s iTunes store, depending on your model phone;
  2. Search for Apps – type inPerpAlert® as one word;
  3. BUY THE APP ! !  ONLY $2.99 per year;
  4. Download PerpAlert® app to your cell phone and Install;
  5. Open PerpAlert®;
  6. The Welcome Screen Opens – waiting for you to Enter the Unique Code – you MUST have a Unique Code to open and operatePerpAlert®;
  7. To obtain the Unique Code – TAP on the BLUE – Click Here to register. PerpAlert® will go up to our server – so you can register;

  8. Tap on the GOLD – REGISTER box on the top right hand side of the website;
  9. When it Opens – Complete the information required to register: Name, Email and a Password and then Tap on REGISTER – OR – you can sign in with Facebook or Twitter.
  10. When Your My Account page OPENS up – you will see your Unique CodeWRITE IT DOWN, so you have it to enter on the PerpAlert initial opening screen.

  11. Scroll down to the Contact Address Section – THIS PART IS IMPORTANT ! ! ! Complete the Contact Email addresses and mobile phone numbers section. You can put in up to three (3) emails and phone numbers. We recommend at least two (2) – one being your email address and cell phone number – then at least one more. These are the emails where your
    PerpAlert® pictures will be emailed (or sent via MMS text, if no connections) when activated.
  12. Log Out of the website;
  13. Re-Open the PerpAlert® application on your mobile phone;
  14. The Welcome Screen will open – waiting for you to Enter your Unique Code – Type the code you just wrote down where indicated on the mobile app screen;
  15. Tap on CONTINUE;
  16. The next screen asks for the Emergency Call number – that is the number to the POLICE ! ! ! Not someone’s phone number. In the US & Canada it is 911.

  17. Tap on DONE;
  18. PerpAlert® will open and IMMEDIATELY take 3 pictures and send them to your Contacts list you just set-up in the My Account page. The screen will clear and the camera is open and ready for more pictures, if you wish. All you do is tap on the RED Button at the bottom right of your screen to take more pictures.
  19. ClosePerpAlert®by hitting the EXIT button on the top left of your screen OR the back arrow on the bottom of your phone (depending on the model mobile phone you have). Hitting the Home button on your phone does not close down PerpAlert®
  20. PerpAlert® is now ready to immediately open, take 3 pictures and send them to your Contacts List simply by tapping the PerpAlert® icon.

The TEXT message that is sent at the same time as the pictures when you use PerpAlert® is an OPTIONAL ON/OFF feature. When you install
PerpAlert® – the text feature is turned OFF so when you activate PerpAlert®, the “I Need Help” text message is not sent – since you are just activating PerpAlert®.

To Turn ON the Text Message feature do the following:

  1. Open PerpAlert® – after it cycles the 3 pictures, while
    PerpAlert® is still open and ready to take more pictures – Tap on the BLUE GEAR icon on the top right of your screen – this takes you to your settings page.
  2. Tap on the GOLD View Contact List box and you will see your Contact list and phone numbers.
  3. You will also see a GREEN Box and SMS Settings – on the right side of the screen is the OFF/ON box that is GRAY. Simply TAP on the GRAY box to turn texting ON or OFF.

Then simply Tap the Blue Back Arrow that says Settings, then Tap the Blue Back Arrow that says Home and then Tap on Exit – and your changes have been made.

WhenPerpAlert® is open – you will also see the GOLD Sheriff’s Badge on the bottom left of your screen when PerpAlert® is still open. TAP on this to call the police – 911. When you do that, it gives TWO options – CALL or DISCARD  (in case you did this by accident or don’t need to actually call 911).

We feel it is VERY important to put the PerpAlert® icon right on your main screen for easy access in an emergency situation. You never know – PerpAlert® may just save your life and provide the image of the perpetrator to the police for capture.

For iPhone users that have the capability of Siri voice commands – PerpAlert® will respond to the command – Siri, Open PerpAlert® and it will activate the app.  No need for tapping the Icon.  GREAT new feature ! !

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