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September 23, 2014

Awesome! I have to park pretty far away from my home each night and I have so much more peace of mind knowing that if there’s some sort of encounter while I’m walking, I can reach out to my emergency contacts quickly and easily. Image_5_stars

September 16, 2014

Great App! Great way to feel a little safer while I’m out on my runs by myself. Great idea! Image_5_stars

August 27, 2014

PerpAlert – AWESOME So far this app has worked without a glitch. I tried it out in the house and when I put the GPS coordinates in a map – the arrow pointing at the top of my roof showed me sitting in my living room + had my address… WOW ! ! No emergencies yet – but, I tried using it taking a picture of a license plate of the car in front of me – and when I looked at them in my email – the detail was EXCELLENT ! GREAT mobile app ! ! AWESOME idea ! ! Image_5_stars

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August 27, 2014

Shows a lot of promise so far. Image_5_stars

Video Testimonials:

Endorsed by Past President of the National Sheriffs’ Association – Jerry Gaines

I believe everyone should have a Personal safety app like PerpAlertĀ® on their smartphone. This is a major step in crime prevention and deterrence. A picture showing where they were and when they were there is vital… Sheriff Gaines

Endorsed by Bryan Franklin – Bluegrass Cellular

Published on Dec 15, 2014

The PerpAlertĀ® staff attended the Kentucky Sheriffs’ Association 2014 KSA Conference. We received a GREAT Testimonial from Bryan Franklin of Bluegrass Cellular. In addition to the safety feature of the one touch instant notification when there is a problem – he likes that his daughters can go somewhere and just “perp” their dad where they are with a picture. That way, he knows where they are and when they got there…..

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